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[ 絆巡る疾風 ] - Vᴇɴᴛᴜs -
" Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I: but when the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by. "
16 Aoû 14

                                     ABOUT THE MUSE.

General Appearance.  -  Fill out.



Name: Ventus B. Anima
Alias: Ven, Venana, Venny, Monkey.
Age: 22 -Technically only 6-
Date of Birth: February 29th, 1992 
Zodiac:  Pisces (Chinese: Monkey)
Gender: Male
Eye color:  Deep blue
Hair color: Light blond.
Height: 5’11”
Scars:  Some around right and left knuckles, three bullet scars: right shoulder, lower right side and left hip; small scar hidden on the back of his head.
Burns: None.
Over weight: No.
Under weight: No.


Color: Green.
Hair color:  Black.
Eye color: Amber.
Song: “Eclipse” - Nujabes Ft. Substantial
Movie:  My Neighbor Totoro
T.V. Show: The Office
Food: Thai Noodles
Drink: Mint Tea.
Video Game: Donkey Kong Country II.
Place: Grandpa’s House.
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Mint Ice cream

Have you…

Had sex: Yes.
Had sex in public: No.
Gotten pregnant: —
Kissed a boy: Yes.
Kissed a girl: Yes.
Gotten tattoos:  No.
Gotten piercings: Both ears.
Smoke or drank:  No.
Had a broken heart: Yes.
Been in love:  Yes.
Needed surgery: No.
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes.

Are you…

A virgin: No.
A cuddler: Yes. 
A kisser: Yes.
Scared easily: No.
Jealous easily: No.
Trustworthy: Yes.
Dominant: No.
Submissive: No.
In love: … Uhm.
Considered mean: No.

Random questions.

Have you harmed yourself: Yes.
Thought of suicide:  Yes.
Attempted suicide:  Yes.
Killed someone: Yes. No.
Wanted to kill someone: Yes.
Who did you kiss last: Ehrr…
Last text: Vanitas.
Drove a car: Yes.
Have/had a job: Yes.
Favourite soda/pop: Cherry Dr. Pepper.
Do drugs: No.

(Source : the-tireless-killer)

16 Aoû 14
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dsmbrvltg3: = w= I screamed when I saw Ven was back -clings to the Jalapeño-


( — I screamed when all of a sudden I had so many of you following this crap! You’re all such lovelies~  THANKS  -huggus back- I’m really really happy to bring this dweeb back! The Venana shall never die! Never again <3)

16 Aoû 14
15 Aoû 14



     ” Well, you’re the one who told it to me—-
        It doesn’t exactly work like that, y’know?

       As if he hasn’t already tried. Vanitas isn’t that
                                                           easy to be rid of.

      “Lies! I would never do anything to put my true identity at risk.” You can’t convince him otherwise—… At least not this way. “Prepare yourself.” He was going to test so.

(Source : vervent)

15 Aoû 14


vervent started following you

      “With all due respect, you must have that smile of yours embroidered — as if every thread was kept together by an accumulation of boyscout knots and granny-ties; how do you do it?”

      “Sort of an ancient technique passed through generations in my family. More precisely, genes. You gotta hav’em if you wanna learn it.”

15 Aoû 14
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via: nesciret
source: vervent



     ” You never told me about it!
       How was I supposed to know?

       And here he was, taking it seriously.

     ”Precisely for that: secrets are not supposed to be told.” And so going with the flow was this boy’s speciality. “We can’t share that kind of information with anyone. I guess I’ll have to get rid of you now.”

15 Aoû 14



Butt kicking chocobabies that are the color of bananas.

     We’re spreading through the world and no one can stop us.

(Source : vervent)

15 Aoû 14

     I just don’t know if you guys know but I’m so letting you now know: this little fellow here is no longer human but also a Chocobo. Welcome to the family!

15 Aoû 14
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    “That’s a secret code name.”

15 Aoû 14
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     Really thought Lineage consisted on many butt kicking Chocobos.